Your face in your game? No problem - working on it.

Facegate - investment game startup


We are opening a new game gate that will change the lives of all players in the world. It is an application that can put your face into any game in the world and adjust it to a specific environment. It's up to you to be yourself in the game and to share your gaming experience with your friends.


Download the app.

Take a picture

Face tracking.
Choose a game
from the playlist.
implementation into selected
character in the game.

How will it work?

You have to take a picture and put the photos into the facegate. You can download app on the playstation store, apple store, microsoft store etc.

Download the app

Facegate will become a universal gateway to the future of gaming.

Take a picture

You have to take a picture. The better photo mean the better transmission of geometry to your Avatar's face.

Be yourself in the game!

You put your face ID on the facegate server which processes the geometry of the face and implements it into the selected character in the game.

Everyone can enter a new gaming dimension, Facegate is an innovative, unifying and above all a brilliant idea to push the gaming industry forward.
- František Sirůčka 2020


Face tracking works smoothly on any device and all major platforms.

Face tracking
SDK does not store personal data
Easy to integrate
Via an easy-to-use API
Fast and lightweight
  • Low data size
  • Low memory usage
  • All major platforms
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to export

  • SDK does not store names
  • SDK does not store images
  • SDK does not store private data

Easy to integrate
  • Complete integration via API

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The future is coming!

Facegate will become a universal gateway to the future of gaming.


We're looking for an investor who would like to join our great project and give it a global dimension, because this idea is really big.


We are working on it but believe that nothing will be more important in the game world than

Great idea, in great hands!
Sisters of Battle



Parádní nápad. Pracujeme na tom.

Faber Visum CEO & Founder

Be Yourself & Play around the Globe.

Mike, TIGC


Facegate Timeline

The dream is the beginning of success

20 Feb 2020

A brilliant idea

At the beginning I had an idea. A brilliantly simple. Idea to get my kids and family's face into a favorite game. So I was wondering how to do it. I started making notes and over time it started to make sense. It must be FACE GATE. I gave it a brand name, figured out how it would work and created a logo.
- František Sirůčka

27 Feb 2020
Development process

I ask an international company FABER VISUM Brand Building to create the web site and the is on-line.

Present time
Looking for investor

Right now I'm looking for an investor or an experienced company who would like to join our great project and give it a world dimension because this idea is really big.


I believe in the worldwide success of the FACEGATE project.


Tel. (Czech) +420 603-223-509
Tel. (English, Russian, Polish speaking) +420 776-339-348
czech russian

Write to Us and we will send you a message within 24 hours!

- František Sirůčka